“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord.” by Cheryl

Art Time at Hope of Jesus Home

Micah 4:2 reads “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord.” And that is exactly what we did.

Honestly I am back but I am not seeing clearly. There is this veil over my eyes of the children, the Miller family, the dear people and the deplorable conditions we met throughout our week. In my mind’s eye they are standing front and center.

Mike and Kim Miller are the perfect team for each other and for the Hope of Jesus Children’s Home which includes Hope Farm.

We stood on land which has been cleared for the next construction project and our team ‘Prayer Walked’ the perimeter 3 times, asking the Lord to stir up hearts to fund this project. The building will house the office and then a learning building with a computer lab and a library and a classroom. This week they broke ground for the office and the foundation is laid.

The office is currently located in Casa Maria (which was built as another home for the children.) So once the office is moved to the new building, they will let the government know they are ready to accept more children.

These precious children are in the villages, on the streets, hiding, being used and abused, they are starved for love; Jesus’ love and their little tummies are empty.

These children need JESUS!

The four fundamentals Hope teaches are: 1) faith, 2) mercy, 3) respect and 4) responsibility. Hope gives this to all the children along with a family to love and nurture them.

Tues, Wed, and Thurs we did Bible Study activities with the children. On Friday after their Bible Study they celebrated. Their teacher challenged them, asking questions and rewarding their correct answers. Later they went to a little room where they could select small items.

Wed at chapel the children led the service and then gave us their prayer requests. The smartest in the class requested prayer for her studies. And almost every little boy (ages 5-8) asked for prayer for his behavior…and did so with a slightly bowed head a little smile. So precious!

At one of our gatherings with the children, Betty introduced the Children’s Bilingual Bible we purchased for their library. (In addition to the Bible we purchased 10 other bilingual books from Barnes & Noble with support money.) I approached one of the girls and asked if she could read me a story in English. She shook her head NO. I repeated my request and again she answered NO. Then I said OK please read to me in Spanish. She grabbed the Bible from me and, in English, read like a fire truck, completing 50 pages with only a little stumble over a word or two. Praise God!

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