The Mission


According to the World Bank, poverty endangers over 60% of the Honduran population, making it one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Without access to land, basic social services or opportunities for employment, many of Honduras’ poor are stuck in a cycle that continues for generations. The country can easily be mistaken for a place without hope.

But even in the darkness, there is light.

SAMS missionaries Mike and Kim Miller and the Honduran Episcopal Church are working to change these statistics in the mountain villages of northern Honduras. The Miller family founded The Hope of Jesus Children’s Home, a project of the Honduran Episcopal Church, which is a refuge for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children. The Hope of Jesus Children’s Home works to provide boys and girls with the basic needs of safety, a loving family, nutritious food and an above average education. The children are given many positive opportunities for their future, and are equipped with the tools needed to break the vicious and often violent cycle of poverty not only for themselves, but for generations to come. In short, this ministry is fostering hope.

Using land donated by the Honduran Episcopal Church, the Miller family began an agricultural enterprise named Hope Farm. A 40-acre working farm near The Hope of Jesus Children’s Home, Hope Farm employs local Honduran workers, providing them with a stable job and fair wages.

All proceeds from the sales of Hope Farm Coffee go directly toward supporting the children at The Hope of Jesus Children’s Home.

Hope Farm also offers opportunities for the children to explore nature and see the responsibilities of running a farm. On special visits they get to see farm animals like cows, goats and horses as well as learn more about the coffee growing process.

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