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In 1999 Mike and Kim Miller went on a mission trip to Honduras and since then they've given up their lives to help children. They are doing everything possible to help these children and would appreciate any help you are willing to give.

Please take a minute to hear our story...see our kids...and we hope you'll try our coffee. All proceeds go directly to the farm to help change these little lives forever.



Child in Honduras
Nonprofit Organization
Hope Farm is an integral part of our nonprofit organization and directly supports a children's home in Honduras. We are helping children in need live a better life.

About Hope Farm
Hope Farm is a full service, working farm that helps the entire community by growing coffee beans, not just the children's home.


Honduran Coffee
Purchase a bag of our Hope Farm coffee and 100% of the proceeds go toward caring for vulnerable children in Honduras.


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Link: The Hope of Jesus Children's Home