Hope of Jesus
Children’s Home

Who We Are

A family for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children in Honduras. The Hope of Jesus Children’s Home is committed to providing protection and daily care for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children in Honduras. We aspire to raise healthy boys and girls to become Christian leaders by implementing our four ministry pillars of faith, family, mercy and responsibility.
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Our Family

The Hope of Jesus Children’s Home employs eleven full-time Honduran staff members, including an administrative director, program director, assistant director, program director, house-mothers and support staff. They manage the day-to-day operations of the children’s home, as well as help shape the vision and next steps for the program.

Sixteen children currently live at the children’s home. They come from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds but share the need for stability and protection. Under the care and guidance of the housemothers, teachers, tutors, psychologists and the many others invested in their lives, the boys and girls have all grown significantly since their first days at the home. In time the capacity of the home will expand, and we will be able to offer more children refuge from their perilous circumstances.

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